Mango tail ombre dress

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Already on Valencia again. I'm still not home, because I'm spending some of my latest holiday days with my family in ''El Perelló'', a beach town very near the city, but with the beach just under my window. It's amazing to stay here although there's nothing very interesting to do, apart from lying down all morning in the sun and doing some DIY projects.

This pictures weren't actually taken here. These come from Oropesa last week, also on the beach but on the last night I spent there. There are many typical beach stands there, so I took some time to go around there and get some cool stuff such bracelets and necklaces. The bracelet I'm wearing actually comes from there. It's a real nacre bracelet, maybe too fragile for being on my clumsy hands, but I still love it and wear it very carefully.

I thought this was the perfect dress to wear for a walk near the seashore. Finally everybody looked at me as I was an oompah-loompah or something like that (maybe too elegant?) but I was too comfy with my Mango tail dress. It's light, and the colors matched quite well the ambient there: a soft ombre effect with blue and white shades, but a color splash with that pink on the upper part. The heels come from Pepe Moreno. I think they're very original, and also comfortable to walk in. Seems like transparent things have had their moment this season (also the asymmetric or tail dresses), so why not try?



I was wearing:

Mango ombre tail dress
Nacre bracelet
Fun & Basics polka dot bag
Pepe Moreno transparent heels
DiCarla pearl necklace







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6 comentarios

  1. love that dress! followed you, hope you can follow back!

  2. hola!!! que guapa estás!! jo no parece que estés en el perelló que blanquita!! mejor así no te saldrán manchas jejeje vuelvo a estar de sorteo! así que si quieres pasarte! un besazo!!

    1. Hola guapa! Ya me he pasado por tu blog y me he apuntado, gracias por avisar!! :)
      Mmm, la verdad es que estas fotos son de hace una semana, pero ahora que estoy por aquí en el Perelló SÍ que he bajado a la playa, ya no parezco un fantasma x)
      Un beso!

  3. Nice photos! :)

  4. lovely dress!

    I am following you now,
    follow me back if you want, honey! ♥

  5. nice blog sweetie can we follow each other?


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