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This weekend there was a medieval fair on the town. Once a year, every summer Oropesa celebrates its local holidays. It's been years since I've been on the town again for the festival, but this summer it coincided that I've been there for the weekend. You can imagine: bull fighting, fireworks, markets, music... As the medieval fair was very near home, my family and I wanted to go there for a while last Saturday.

What a pitty that I forgot the pictures I made and my camera, because I would like to show you the things I bought on the medieval market (a choker, and a pair of antique earrings) and some pictures I took from the terrace. I only have this pictures of my outfit that evening, and as I'm leaving this afternoon again, I won't be able to show you the pictures until I find Internet on the town. I'll be there until 15th August, specially for cleaning and helping in home (you can't imagine, the house is head over heels...) but I will also be sun bathing and spending time swimming.

So, you'll see the pictures I promise. And more outfits (maybe I'll shoot something with my new bikini, I'll see...). By the moment, I was wearing a very old (but still cute) white dress I found on my wardrobe there from Zara. My comfy sandals by Sissey (I feel like I'm wearing them too much lately) and my vintage-look earrings by DiCarla Joyas (as you can see, they have amazing designs). You can also see my weird eye makeup, full of blue and green shades. I really felt like a mermaid!

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 I was wearing:

DiCarla Joyas earrings
Zara white dress
Sissey black sandals

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