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Today I'm not going to talk about my outfit. As some days, I'm going to talk about my experiences with new brands or online stores (as I did herehere and here). Today's time to talk about DinoDirect.
Let me say I discovered this online site via different lookbookers, who wore dresses from there and well... I just became curious about.

This store is based in China, and has more things than just clothing. Electronic gadgets, sport stuff... The first thing I noticed is that you can see the same product on different pages, with very different prices, similar to eBay. So you must look carefully, because you can save some money. This is the interesting part, because thanks I didn't pay too much for what I ordered, I don't have any objetions with the price/quality relationship offered on the two dresses and the coat.

First of all, the package delivery was a bit disastrous: I paid for a service which provided me a tracking number and a kind of insurance. Two days later, they sent me a message telling me that they had to change the deliver service because the company wasn't able to send it to the adress I specified. Ok. Then they started sending me mails telling me that the adress I put on the order was incorrect, and that I must contact them to change it. Finally I checked out with the tracking number, and checked that the package finally arrived near home, contacted them (not DinoDirect. The shipment service) and the package was succesfully received. Surprise! Of all the three things I ordered, just the coat arrived by the private shipment service I paid for in all the order. The dresses arrived on a separate package by regular postal service. Why?

About the quality... As I said: very cheap price. Imagine the quality. Here are the three products I ordered, reviewed one by one:

1- Calla Bottom Color Match Cotton Dress (in orange)


I was surprised because it arrived with a hole in it's left side. Luckily it was placed on the seam of the dress, so I could sew and repair it. That was the worst thing about this dress.
As it is an unique size, it's a bit cramped for me on bust and waist, and as it is made of a very, very thin and elastic material (it looks like lycra, but it isn't) well... You must be careful with the underwear. At least the lengt is quite good: the back side arrives up my ankles, and the front-side a bit above my knees.


2- YW Stylish Summer Style Sexy Chiffon Round Collar Women Dresses (in pink)


I like the fabric it's made of. It's still thin, but at least chiffon, and the dress has another layer of fabric as a lining on the inside. The thing I didn't like about that is that this lining ends on the middle on the long skirt. Where's the rest of the fabric? I don't know if the dress is like that, or if it's a cutting mistake; but in the pictures look like it arrives until the skirt ends. The color is plain, but I like it because is very simple and elegant. As before, I also had problems with the sizing, because the dress was unique size too. This time was a bit bigger, so I had to regulate the thing cord which works as straps (absolutely going to change it and put a better string) and the same for the cord on waist (again, going to change it for a better quality cord. Let's DIY!).


3- HQMM Solid Polyester Round Neck Double Breasted Long Sleeve Women Overcoat (in pink)


I had been looking for this overcoat for months since I saw it on another chinese online store. This was actually the most expensive thing I bought on my package. The first thing I was surprised of was the quality of the fabric. It's not actually a coat cloth, because it's quite thin. I think I'll use it for autumn, but surely not for winter because I'll get frozen with that. The color matches the picture. But, when I started checking the coat out, surprise! A button fell off the floor. Luckily I could sew it again and review the others so any other button could come away.
What I liked about it is that it has a lining on the inside. The size fits me although it's a little bit smaller (this is an M, and I usually wear that size). I would recommend you to order a larger size.


Final conclusion about this? Before ordering anything from this site again, I'll think twice and I'll see if the product really worths it.

And you? Have you ever had any bad experience with online shopping?

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  1. I don't buy clothes online. I want to see "thing" before I buy it. Once I made an order at Japanese online shop (which unfortunately is not as cheap as this one) and I have to say that the service was perfect.
    Your experience with this shop is really sad but unfortunately such things are very common when it comes to Chinese shops.

  2. Great pieces! :)

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