Golden vintage dress + CH sandals

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I've had a rest time this last week. As I have already started my trainings, and soon I'll be with my classes, I felt I needed to chill a little bit so now I can do my best. That's why I didn't post, I'm sorry. Also, I wasn't very sure about posting this pictures we took last night on a dinner. I wasn't able to take my DSLR camera, and it was dark, so the quality of the pictures is horrible. I've been editing them, and this is what I could save, but you can see they're not the usual quality.

I wish I could have took better pictures to show you this awesome Carolina Herrera sandals I found last day. They were an absolutely bargain. Last days of sales are absolutey crazy, and you can find this kind of things if you look hard. This sandals are just perfect. They aren't very high heeled, and I love their simple design: two brown stripes with those buckles on them. They're made of leather, and are very comfortable and don't hurt my feet. Maybe they will replace my Zara brown platform sandals (you can see them HERE) because they're starting to break.

The golden dress is vintage. It was bought in my trip to Mallorca last year and it was the first time I wore it. I love its shape, and the color is very special for me because it's weird to find this kind of dresses. The fabric it's made of it's very heavy, and falls all over the skirt. Just amazing. I've been finding more vintage treasures lately, you'll see. We had dinner at Pizza Roma. We've been going to that restaurant since I was a child, because there're plenty of different kinds of pizza (I'm an expert!) and more italian food. Their salads are huge, and absolutely delicious!


Huge Caesar salad at the restaurant. Doesn't it look delicious? It actually is! :D

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I was wearing:

Carolina Herrera sandals
Vintage gold dress
Primark bracelets
Zara gold clutch
Bijou Brigitte stone necklace

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5 comentarios

  1. Love your shoes! :)

  2. Me encanta tu blog!
    Ya tienes nueva seguidora
    Espero que te guste y me sigas:)

  3. your outfit looks amazing *_* your blog is very good and interesting. follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  4. You are so beautiful! I love how you did your makeup. =)


  5. Your heels are so pretty! and your dress is so nice!
    Xoxo Pam


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